Lovable Charities

Local Charities

We're a small business, striving to succeed and we've been grateful for all the support we've received just to be able to try.  To pay it forward, we feel it must be apart of our business mission to help others.  We've selected some organizations to donate a part of our proceeds toward their goals to help others.




These women work tirelessly to help others in need, I've seen it myself and tried to help them & their mission.  They are very involved with the Bucks County Housing Group and can always use the extra help.  Good job ladies!  Here's another organization in which a portion of our proceeds will be dedicated in order to help their efforts. www.makefieldwomensassociation.com.




Myasthenia Gravis is a fairly serious muscle weakness condition that has affected the B.C.B.C. family directly.  Without the research, medial advances and healthcare community the person behind the inspiration of B.C.B.C. would not be with us today.  Dad had one droopy eyelid and slurred speech, turns out it wasn't a stroke, but after seeing a neurologist, a diagnosis was made and life saving treatment started.  A portion of our proceeds will be dedicated to mgfa.org.




The mission of the Foundation is to maximize resources from the community, and to financially support and encourage development of programs that enhance quality healthcare at St. Mary Medical Center.  Bucks County Baking Company has plans to regularly donate baked goods & monetary proceeds to St. Mary's cause.  Without St. Mary's Medical Center the Bucks County Baking Company would not exist, that is how much of an impact this organization has on the local community & beyond.